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Depression - You are not alone.

Depression can happen to anyone and research suggests that at any one time, 10% of the population experience signs of depression which is an emotional state of feeling down, fatigued and negative about life.

It may be in response to stressful life events or there may not be any identifiable reasons. Feeling depressed can be a scary, frustrating and lonely experience.

Depression may result in a loss of pleasure from things one used to enjoy and it can undermine your ability to concentrate, remember details, and make decisions.

You may be experiencing feelings of lethargy, sadness and hopelessness, all of which may be indicators of depression. You may also be judging yourself and feel guilty, particularly if you are struggling to understand why you feel as you do.

Depression. Depression Cycle

Some Indications of Depression

You are often lonely or miserable, even if you are able to put on a happy front to the world around you.

You struggle to feel motivated or interested in your life.

You have difficulty sleeping, or sleep too much.

You feel like ‘something’s missing’ or have a feeling of longing or emptiness inside.

You struggle with feelings that you are not good enough.

You feel a deep sadness, almost every day. It can feel intense and feel that nothing will make it go away.

You sometimes feel you can’t go on, perhaps you have even had thoughts of suicide, or physically harmed yourself.

Experiences in your past still bring up painful memories or difficult feelings.

Depression. Sad and Dep

Depression can be triggered by stressful life situations such as


A move, divorce, financial difficulties or job loss.
Relationship Conflicts.

Demanding job or stressful workplace.

Health Issues, especially chronic health problems.

Major life changes such as having children, empty nest syndrome, menopause, retirement.

Some suggestions which may help

Join a support group. Being in a room with others who understand what you are going through can be extremely supporting.

Seek the company of family and friends. whilst they may not be able to sort out your problems they can offer support, warmth and wisdom.

Yoga and meditation are great methods to create a sense of calmness and control.

Take regular exercise such as a walk in the park.

Try to maintain a regular routine and eat a healthy diet.

Talk to a Counsellor

Counselling with Cheryl or Anita at Clarity Counselling provides an opportunity to explore your life difficulties, experiences and relationships, as well as life transitions, in a safe and supportive environment which may help you:

Feel positive about yourself and your life.

Have an increased ability to manage and tolerate stress and change.

Feel a greater sense of calm and a greater sense of aliveness

Enjoy happier and healthier relationships.

Feel an increased sense of purpose in life and optimism about your future.

Have greater confidence, hopefulness, and ability to assert yourself.

Have increased strength to set and maintain boundaries with others when you need to.

Experience a sense of relief from the legacies of past abuse, trauma, loss or pain.

Helpful Websites

The Samaritans - 24hour support for anyone in distress, including those who are feeling suicidal.

Depression Alliance - Support and information for those affected by depression.

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