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Privacy Notice

1.CLARITY COUNSELLING holds two types of information which are covered by this policy. (1) Personal information such as names, address, date of birth, phone numbers and email address and (2) Sensitive information such as written session notes.

The individuals about which CLARITY COUNSELLING holds information are referred to in this policy as data subjects

2. CLARITY COUNSELLING will not hold information about data subjects without their knowledge and consent.

3. CLARITY COUNSELLING will only hold information for specific purposes. It will inform data subjects what those purposes are. It will also inform them if those purposes change.

4. Information will not be retained once it is no longer required for its stated purpose. Personal Information will be destroyed or deleted thirty days from the date of the final counselling session. Sensitive information such as session notes are anonymised and kept securely for a period of 7 years, as a requirement of our insurers and then destroyed.

5. CLARITY COUNSELLING will seek to maintain accurate information by enabling data subjects to update the information held by telephone, post, email or personal visit.

6. Data subjects will be entitled to have access to information held about them by CLARITY COUNSELLING.

7. No Personal Information or Sensitive Information about data subjects will be released to another party (i.e. police, solicitors.) without the written consent of the data subject except in circumstances where this is a legal requirement, for example when requested by a Coroner or Court of Law.

8. CLARITY COUNSELLING has procedures for ensuring the security of all personal data. Paper records are held in a locked cabinet, and computerised information is password protected. Paper records containing confidential personnel data are disposed of in a secure way.

9. CLARITY COUNSELLING has a set of procedures covering all areas of its work which it follows to ensure that it achieves the aims set out above.

10. CLARITY COUNSELLING will carry out an annual review of its data protection policy and procedures.

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